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  • Ağustos 21, 2020

Portföy Description

Power Pro 2000

2.2 Meters UV UV Belt-Conveyed Hybrid printer

POWER PRO 2000 is a hybrid UV printer that can work both for roll and flat materials with external tables. It could print on material with width upto 2.2m. It has been widely used in signs & advertising. display, furniture, decorating industries. 

Key benefits
  • Print both on roll and flat materials
  • Perfect performance for stretchable material
  • Impressive productivity in high speed working
  • Vivid image output with white and varnish color options
  • Energy-saving LED ink-curing system
  • Fast drying UV ink


SPRINTER UV digital printing has been widely used in different industries including advertisement and signs, furnituring, house decoration, arts and painting, package and label, vision designs,etc. Its outstanding advantage is that, UV printer could print on limitless materials like acrylic, glass, woods, MDF, steel, foarm boards, paper…

SPRINTER UV printer provides digital printing solutions which means it can work for orders without MOQ, and output image is easier to manage with original designs

Machine Systems

  • User-friendly control system
  • Image ripping system
  • Auto media height detection
  • Anti-crush system
  • Statics eliminating system
  • Media suction platform
  • Auto ink volum alarm system
  • Backlit display during printing
  • External tables option


It loves creative expression. Thanks to cool LED curing, that can even involve delicate materials. Depending on the idea and requirements, various printing modes are available – visual and tactile 3D effects included. Yet for all its playfulness, it always works reliably and with utmost precision.

Watch video

Get to know ithttps://www.youtube.com/embed/oBL_R5Jp3XQ?iv_load_policy=3 Download


Printing board

Flawless end-to-end printing on rigid media up to 4 metres long is a standard routine with the printing board option.



With the world’s top partners, to create the most outstanding quality

With the world's top partners, to create the most outstanding quality

Rich printing solutions, Makes you RICH


Product dimension diagram



UV-LED Curing System


Auto media height detection


Anti-crush Protection


Statics Elimination


Flatbed Vacuum System


High-resolution encoder



Embossed effects


Shiny Photos


Double-side seeing


Print 3D Image


Technical Specs

ModelPower Pro 2000Power Pro 2000Power Pro 2000Power Pro 2000
PrintheadRICOH GEN5 7PL *12H MaxRICOH GEN6 5PL *12H MaxKonica 1024i 14PL *12H MaxKonica 1024i 6PL *12H Max
Resolution600; 900; 1200; 1800; 2400720; 1080; 1440
Printing speed85 ㎡/hr110 ㎡/hr110 ㎡/hr
ColorCMYK,White,Varnish, LcLm options
Max.material thickness0~25mm
Ink drying systemLED curing system
Vacuum systemYES. with vacuum belt platform.
Printing width2200mm
InkUV Curable ink
Optional tableswork tables *2pcs
Color Validity3~5 years outdoor and 7~10 years indoor without color fading (use Sprinter ink)
Ink capacity1.5L drums, automatic alarm for ink volum shortage
Ink supply systemAuto Negative ink supply
MaterialsGlass、PMMA、ceramic、Metal、Paper、wood、Leather、flex banner、Wallpaper、Car sticker、Soft film、PVC、PP、PE、PTFE……
Control systemWindow7/10  64bit  . RAM≥8G  . HDD≥500G  . SSD≥128G  . CPU≥Inte I5
RIP softwarePhotoprint / ONYX / Caldera(Option)
Operation environmentTemperature18℃~ 26℃ is more effectively control static and
guarantee printed quality
Humidity40% ~ 70%.TO effectively control static and
guarantee printed quality
Power supplyPower Maximum: 5KW;  AC,50HZ/60HZ;  220v(±10%)>15A 
Image formatTiff,JPEG,EPS,PDF
Package dimensions (L x W x H)4780 x 1960 x 1850 mm
Net weight & Gross weight1300kg & 1800kg

 Specifications subject may change without notice. Please confirm with sales representative for more details.